YUM- Home Made Bread!

Some easy lunches

I'm rushed off my feat

Chili Quiche

Quiche Lunch

Middle East Lunch- thank you Costco

Sushi rice and sauerkraut

Quiche Quiche Quiche


Lunch for the First Day of College

We are NOT eating bark

Veggies Tonight

Still Can't Find my Camera

Tomato Tart and Feta Pastries

goat cheese, yogurt and bread

Chicken Salad Scones

I can't believe how long I've been away

Starting the week off right

Quicky Lunch


Lunches 3/15-3/19

Mama Africa's Papaya and Apple Salad

chocolate cherry scones

Chocolate Dassant Scones

Egg Tacos

Almond butter, dark chocolate and walnut sandwich

More About my Lupini

It's my daughter's birthday

Finals Week

Early Day- my kids don't take lunch- so just a snack

Soup Tuesday

No Picture- slacker day

Just for fun- this little lady watches while I make lunch

Playing Catch Up

2 Lunches

Prime Rib Sandwich

Passion Fruit Scones

All About My Lupini

Ham, Cheese and Onion Scones for Breakfast

Friday Ham Rolls

Peanut butter celery sandwiches

It's Weds- so my kids don't need lunch

Orange zest, white pepper and parmesan scones

cheese, pepper and pecan salad

Raita roll with blueberries and couscous

Hearts, Hummus and Raita

Panda Valentine

Hummus, sweet red pepper and olive roll up

Happy Groundhog Day!