Friday, August 28, 2009

Sopressata Roll Up

This lunch is another roll up sandwich using lavosh whole wheat bread.

lavosh whole wheat bread
crème fraiche
olive tapenade
dry cured sopressata (no nitrates)
romaine lettuce

Spread lavosh with light layer of crème fraiche. Layer olive tapenade on the crème fraiche layer (I used Trader Joes' green olive tapenade). Spread thin slices of sopressata over the bread, and top with romaine with the ribs removed. Roll up tightly, chill, and slice.

Here the sandwich is served on a bed of romaine with organic cherry tomatoes. I also sent clementines, cheddar bunnies, cashews and True North nut clusters.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pressed Prosciutto Sandwich

Here is another pressed sandwich.

home grown tomatoes
pugliese bread
mozzarella cheese
black currant balsamic vinegar
olive oil

Hollow out the pugliese bread until there is only 1/2 inch thickness remaining, except at the very edge of the bread. In the hollow you have created, layer the tomatoes and then arugula. Drizzle the veggies with olive oil and black currant balsamic vinegar (or any other sweet balsamic vinegar- fig is also very good). On top of the veggies, layer the prosciutto in a thin layer, and top with mozzarella. Put the two halves of the loaf together, wrap in plastic wrap, and press under something heavy in the fridge.

Chill for several hours or over night. Slice and serve.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Peanut Butter Goes Uptown

This peanut butter sandwich was inspired by my friend Debbie. She told me about all the great things she puts on her PBJ sandwiches.

This sandwich is made with whole wheat bread and sliced almonds. The almonds are drizzled with a little local honey.

I sent this sandwich with apple sauce, raisins, carrot sticks, and tea (mint and honey).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Salmon and Tomato Rolled Sandwiches with Dill

I still have a lot of whole wheat lavosh bread, and my kids asked for more salmon sandwiches. So I got to thinking, how about two complimentary sandwiches? I used dill weed to tie these two sandwiches together.

dill weed
4 oz smoked salmon
whipped cream cheese
romaine lettuce
home grown tomatoes
lavosh bread (whole wheat)
cherry tomatoes
celery hearts

The first sandwich has whipped cream cheese spread on lavosh bread. I sprinkled the cream cheese generously with dill weed. Then I layered salmon on the lavosh bread, and topped it with romaine lettuce with the ribs removed. Finally, I rolled it up tightly. The two sandwiches at the top of the box are the salmon sandwiches.

At the bottom of the box are four tomato roll ups. I made them by spreading whipped cream cheese on lavosh bread and then sprinkling the cheese with dill. Then I took thinly sliced home grown tomatoes and put them on a paper towel to get a little of the liquid out. After drying them out a little I layered them on the sandwich, sprinkled them with a little sea salt, put some freshly ground black pepper on them, and rolled them up (no lettuce on these). Delicious!

In the little oots box I sent celery heart sticks and cherry tomatoes, and I packed an apple sauce and some cookies, since this was my son's lunch, and he has a big appetite.

Monday, August 24, 2009

This Vivo Bento box is packed with some sandwiches on wheat bread lavosh bread I purchased at Trader Joes. I think any kind of flat bread would do. I have some hummus cups which I got at Costco- each cup holds 2 oz of hummus, and in an "emergency" I can throw them in a lunch bag with some crackers and call it lunch. Also, the individual cups mean my kids don't eat it all up before I need it. The down side of individual cups is that they aren't very green.

But anyway, I was looking at the cups of hummus, and right next to them was some Trader Joes Cilantro Yogurt dip, and I began to wonder if those two things would go great together.

So I spread 2 oz of hummus on some lavosh bread, and then spread 1/4 cup of Trader Joes cilantro yogurt dip on top of that. Then I sprinkled the bread with 1/3 cup of very finely sliced celery hearts, and topped it with romaine lettuce (ribs removed). I left a good 3 " at the "top" of the bread uncovered, so it would seal the sandwich when I rolled the bread up. Make sure to role the sandwich tightly- just as if you were rolling sushi. My kids LOVED this lunch. It's very fresh tasting, and it's also healthy and filling. The carrots were cut with my steal vegetable garnishing tool, and are just lying on top to add some color.

In the light green compartment, to compliment the sandwiches, I sent couscous (I bought in a big tub at Costco), cucumber salad (see recipe at the bottom of this post, and heirloom tomatoes.

Cucumber salad:

1 large hot house cucumber
1/2 cup seasoned rice vinegar
3 Tbs sugar

Mix sugar and vinegar in microwave until sugar dissolves, add a pinch of salt. Finely slice the skinned cucumber. Pour the sugar mixture over the cucumber, and mix, then add paper to taste. Chill the salad at least over night. Drain spoonfuls before putting in lunchbox.

(Dill or mint can be added to vary the taste of this salad, and shredded carrot, or very fine slices of onion are also nice additions)