Saturday, August 7, 2010

So we had my daughter's 21st birthday party today, and I made cherry tomato tart (you will find the recipe a few posts back), and tiny sandwiches (tuna, cucumber) and dates with pecans, and two chocolate cakes, and brownies, and madelines from Costco I dipped in dark chocolate, grapes and watermelon, salad, and more- so much more. But several of the things I made would work great for lunches.

Dates with pecans and cream cheese- I use medjool dates, take out the pit, put in a small amount of cream cheese, and press the cheese in to chopped pecans. Wonderful!

Celery with Rondele cheese and pecans- spread celery with Rondele cheese (I get it at Costco), and then press cheese in to pecans. Yum

Cucumber salad- slice peeled hot house cucumbers very thin. Spread thin slices of bread with a mixture of cream cheese, pepper, finely chopped chives, and salt to taste. You can add a drop of green food coloring, but I don't feel the need. Layer one slice of bread with cucumbers, and close the sandwich up.

Costco Madelines- perfect for dipping! Try melting some of the exotic chocolate bars- like Chocolate with chile, or chocolate with sea salt- then dip 1/2 the Madeline on the upper side in to the chocolate. It's really pretty, and it's SO delicious. I often make these for lunches. I put the cookies in the fridge to make the chocolate extra firm, and then wrap them individually in plastic wrap.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Veggies Tonight

Fennel was only 99cents a bulb at Trader Joes today. What a treat. So I bought 3. I sliced them thinly and sauteed them in butter until slightly caramelized. Then I turned off the heat, deglazed with about 1/4 cup lemon juice, and tossed the fennel with 1 cup of shaved parmesan cheese (I could have used less, to be honest- but it was super cheesy delicious).

Also on the menu (I was mixing cultures tonight) was cauliflower cooked in the microwave and topped with whole milk yogurt (about a cup) mixed with 2 tablespoons of ras el hanout.

Not familiar with ras el hanout?

I also served some mac n cheese to placate my daughters- but my son, husband and I thought the veggies were fantastic, and we all had seconds. In fact, I'm pretty darn stuffed right now. In a good way :-)