YUM- Home Made Bread!

My mom sent me a Sunbeam breadmaker and Hodgson Mill bread mixes! I've been making bread for the last few days. My mom said it was easy, and boy was she right. I made rye bread yesterday, and today we took thick pieces of rye bread spread with unsalted organic butter and layered with bandaged cheddar. Great sandwiches! I sent the sandwiches with organic corn chips, Sharkies (not great for you, but my kids love them), little green pears, and chocolate pudding cups.

Tonight I am making barley bread mix. I can't wait to taste it!

All I have to add to the mix is warm water and my own butter. The mix even comes with its own packet of yeast!


  1. Hi! I just found your wonderful blog this week while researching bento lunches. My 11 yo daughter is interested in working on some together for her to take to school. You have so many incredible ideas here. Thank you for blogging about this!

    I have one question I hope you can help me with. My daughter normally eats lunch at school 5 or more hours after leaving the house. I've always packed freezer packs in her lunch to keep them safe. How do you handle perishables in bento boxes? With some smaller bentos I suppose you could put the bento box in another bag with a freezer pack, but I don't know how you'd handle it with multi-tier ones with the metal handle. Any advice? Thanks!

  2. Hi Meg
    That's a good question. One way to keep a bento cold is to put frozen edamame beans in the compartment you want chilled. I buy the beans at Trader Joes and use them in the large compartment, at the bottom, like a freezer pack (though it's in with the food and you can eat them) to keep my home made sushi cold- though I never send anything highly perishable like raw fish. I have also used frozen blueberries to keep desserts cold, and many other frozen foods will work for this.

    If you don't incorporate something frozen in to your bento or tiffin tin it is not safe to have highly perishable items in there- so your concern is certainly a valid one, and I'm glad you brought it up.

  3. Thank you so much for the quick reply!! Love the edamame bean idea - an edible freezer pack!!! Seems like I remember my mom packing frozen grapes that way when I was a kid. I suppose you could also pack a frozen juice box, etc. the same way.

    Thanks again for your wonderful blog. You've totally inspired my daughter and me :)

  4. I'm so glad! I hope you'll send me some pictures of your lunches- I will be happy to put them up on my blog. I'm encouraging my high school students to bring in their lunches, so I can take pictures of them at school, and put them up here, and give credit to my students for their work. We will make a healthier world, one lunchbox at a time :-)

  5. Meg- I thought of another way to keep your lunches cold. I used to have individual plastic ice cubes (before we moved, and I threw them all out). They would be easy to fit in a bento, and they would not get your lunch wet- except for maybe some condensation- and they were durable enough you could use them over and over again. Just a thought.


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