Wednesday, July 7, 2010

goat cheese, yogurt and bread

Easy lunch today. Trader Joes has small goat cheeses that come in a bag. I took one of the little rounds to work with some sourdough bread, a small salad and a plum. I also poured some Strauss family creamery (see link) organic European yogurt (whole milk) in to a small container and topped it with some wildflower honey. I try to eat only whole milk products. If you start using low fat milk products you are upping the sugar in your milk product, and you are also less likely to get the signal that you are full. Fats (at least it seems to me) make you feel full very quickly, thus rapidly reducing your appetite. Studies have shown for both women and children (see link to children's study) that whole milk drinkers, and people who eat whole milk cheeses, tend to have lower body mass indexes. Good to know- right? Especially since whole milk products taste so darn good.

At our house we drink only whole milk that is NOT homogenized (I find this "cream top" milk only at Trader Joes). My kids drink far less milk than they did when we used to buy lowfat. I know it's anecdotal- but take it for what you will.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chicken Salad Scones

So I moved- I think I mentioned that. My camera is still somewhere in our new garage in one of the many boxes out there. And on top of the moving I caught pneumonia :-) It's been an interesting summer (and did I mention I started an internship right after school let out?). We HAVE been eating even though our lives have been insane, but we haven't always been eating things I've made. I came to rely rather heavily on Trader Joes premade salads, sandwiches and frozen food.

Chicken Salad Scones

I used Garvey's Scone mix (find it at Amazon) with cheddar cheese and black pepper added. I probably add 1/3 cup- I just take a handful of shredded cheddar. I don't measure.

The chicken salad began as Foster Farms Costco thighs- 99 cents a pound- and I take the skin off before baking. Then I sprinkle the thighs with herbs de provence and French gardeners' salt (just salt with herbs- you can find it on Amazon, or just use any old salt you like.) I bake at 350 until the chicken is done.

The chicken makes dinner the first night, and then the next day I chop up what's left, add mayonnaise, parseley, onions, celery, pepper and salt, and a little mustard powder.

I slice the scones and fill with the chicken salad. Delicious. And these are pretty enough to serve to guests, but easy enough to make for a family lunch. I served them with a fruit salad of watermelon, plums, mango, grapes and nectarines.