2 Lunches

I'm still trying to use up the prime rib, so my son's lunch has thinly sliced beef, mustard, and romaine on Sheepherder bread (from Trader Joe's). I sent it with pistachios and pretzels, and more of the Pink Lady apples dipped in a wash of vitamin C. Since my son had used up all the ice bags and had forgotten to give them to me to refreeze them (he was collecting them in his room instead) I used frozen guacamole to keep his lunch cold and I told him to dip his pretzels in the guacamole. That sounds good to me.

My daughter said her backpack was too full, so she needed a smaller lunch. She has the reuseable "brown bag" and is taking an almond butter sandwich, to which I added walnut pieces, apples, sharkies (which are kind of an organic gummy bear, made without high fructose corn syrup), and I gave her some Cheeze-Its.