Chocolate Dassant Scones

I used Dassant vanilla scone baking mix for these. I had a Rainforest milk chocolate and cherry bar sitting around, so I chopped it up and added it to the Dassant mix. I also sprinkled a little sugar on top of each scone. When making the mix I use butter for the oil, and whole, unhomogenized milk. I think quality milk and oil make all the difference when you are using a mix.

Could I make these from scratch? Absolutely. But since Amazon sells the mixes in packs of 6 for a great price, why should I? My time is limited, and I think a lot of the time, the mixes are better- if you buy the top quality ones. What matters is adding inventive or fun ingredients to accent the mix. Then you get the convenience of a mix, but the great taste, and fanciful ingredients, of a great bakery.