Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Picture on my Blog!

The picture on this page just struck me as colorful. It is only the top tier of a 3 compartment set. It's quite large.The whole thing is 6 1/2" high and 6 1/2" wide. It fits a ton of food. I've done enough food in the stacking set to feed two adults- but my son, who is 6'4", can eat one on his own.

I'll post a picture of the set. It's one of the many lunch boxes and bags I use. And you can find it at Asian Food Grocer:

And here is the container- it's not really a bento (I do have some of those, and I'll post pictures)- but I use it like one.

Looking forward to Lunch

I am a busy working mom with 3 children, one of whom is going away to college in September (Go UC Davis!).

Last year I tried to make a wonderful lunch for my children every day. We made sushi at home, and "face food". I packed bentos, and Oots boxes, and bought all sorts of wonderful "green" bags and boxes and water containers and thermi (the plural of thermos, of course). Somehow I didn't quite manage to be at my best every day, but I'd say I managed about 3 days out of 5.

So this year, to keep myself motivated to make lunch on those days when I REALLY don't feel like making lunch, I'm starting this blog. I'll post pictures, give recipes, bring suggestions for equipment, and I will hope some of you will talk back to me, because there is power in numbers, and I love sharing information. Some of the best ideas I've gotten have been from friends I've made on the net.

Food is more than simple nourishment- though wouldn't it be lovely it if was at least that? Food is social and it connects us with the people around us. Food is fun, and it's an "event" in our day. Food should be a celebration whenever possible.

With these goals in mind, I hope you will join me for a year of lunches- starting on August 25th, when school starts for me. I hope we'll share our successes, and our disasters (though I also hope there won't be many of those.)