Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Almond butter, dark chocolate and walnut sandwich

This sandwich is on organic wheat bread. The first layer is almond butter, then that was sprinkled with walnuts, and finally I drizzled melted dark chocolate over it. It's very tasty. I put a piece of bread on top- I only left them open so you could see how I make them.

I sent hot organic WestSoy chocolate peppermint drink in my son's thermos, and also sent apple sauce, a blueberry stick, a piece of birthday cake (see the Peace of Cake from 2 posts back) and some nuts.

Monday, March 8, 2010

More About my Lupini

Back on Sunday, Feb. 21st, I posted about my lupini. Now, weeks later, the lupini are ready.

I have memorialized them in a picture. They are kind of bland- though the way I dressed them was delicious. I put some lemon olive oil and balsamic vinegar on them, and then sprinkled them with French gardener's salt (see link at bottom). I don't think I would make them again. I'd rather just buy bread and put vinegar and olive oil on that- because they are just a carrier for whatever sauce you put on them.

I have a lot of them, so I'm going to try them in salads and soups. It takes very little effort to pop the skins off, so I think I'll use them unskinned (deskinned?) in my recipes.


It's my daughter's birthday

Today is a teacher workday (no school- although I have to go put in grades and grade notebooks)- and it's also my daughter's 16th birthday.

She loves peace signs- so I used the Fred "Peace of Cake" pan to make this cake. The cake is made with Naturally Nora Cookie Cake Mix, which is amazingly tasty, and I made the chocolate buttercream frosting from scratch (butter, whip cream, melted chocolate, cocoa, powdered sugar (organic- so it didn't have cornstarch) bourbon extract.

Naturally Nora:

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Finals Week

Finals week was last week, so the kids didn't need lunches on Thurs and Fri. I, however, took a field trip to Galt, California, as part of a Project Lead the Way field trip. Lunch was provided, but I guessed there would be little I could eat, so I packed myself a nice little lunch.

I took Moroccan Mint tea (Stash) with honey and lemon added, in my trusty thermos (the Spider, by Alfi). I took a big hunk of goat cheese (Bucherondin) and some Urban Oven grackers (Asiago Cheese flavor). I also packed myself some Sharkies (because I'm now a Sharkies addict), some orange slices and some torta de aceite (seville orange flavor).

I was right about the lunch provided. It was Mexican food :-) Everything had corn or modified food starch in it- so if I had not brought my own lunch, I would have been very very hungry.