Monday, March 22, 2010

Quicky Lunch

I sent the cheese scones I made yesterday with some cheddar cheese, apple sauce, dried fruit, cookies and chocolate soy milk. It looked like a pretty tasty lunch to me.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


So today I had the impulse to make a bunch of scones. I made blueberry - with Costco dried blueberries, glaze and blueberry sugar. I made cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, raisin and walnut scones, with glaze. And I made Mexican 3 cheese scones.

They were all delicious. The blueberry and the cheese scones I made with Garvey's organic mix. The cinnamon scones I made with Dassant vanilla scone mix.

The glaze was milk, real vanilla and powdered sugar.

Lunches 3/15-3/19

I was making lunches this week, but I was so busy I forgot to take pictures, or, rather, I thought about it, and realized I didn't have time.

I bought some Maranatha dark chocolate almond spread, and is it good! (see link at bottom of blog) I made sandwiches with it, and sprinkled on some sweet dark dried cherries- I was going for a black forest cake vibe. We all thought the sandwiches were very good. We thought they were so good we ate them two days in a row (Monday and Tuesday).

On Thursday I used Maranatha sesame tahini (see link) on flat bread with green onions and lettuce, and rolled that up.

On Friday I threw some granola bars and snacks in a bag and called it lunch.

Mama Africa's Papaya and Apple Salad

I'm trying to work more papaya in to our diet, since I've read it is very, very good for us, so
I bought a large maradol papaya, and made papaya salad. Since I love Thai green papaya salad, I've been experimenting with other salads- and I don't worry about how ripe the papaya is. I just use it when I buy it. It's all good. Turns out papaya is good with just about any dressing, and it blends with sweet and savory. What a great fruit! Don't forget that the seeds are edible!

I used baby lettuce as my base, then covered that with thin slices of papaya- about 1 1/2" long, and 3/4" wide. On top of the arranged shaved papaya, I sprinkled green onions and matchstick pieces of pink lady apples. Then I topped it with a dressing I made out of Mama Africa's Jabula sauce (sweet red pepper, apricot and rosemary), and O olive oil infused with grapefruit- about 1/3 sauce and 2/3's oil.

I found the sauce at Whole Foods, and I only bought it because it was 1/2off- but it's really delicious. I'm going to try it on chicken, for my next experiment.

chocolate cherry scones

Very simple. Just scone mix with 1/2 cup or sweet dark dried cherries, and 1/2 of a chocolate candy bar chopped up.