Better picture of duck soup

Duck Soup

Luna Bars for lunch

Peanut Butter Days

Green Papaya Salad- YUMMY

Perfect Muffins

Thursday, Nov 5

peanut butter chocolate cherry almond sandiwch

Tuesday, November 3- I'm baaaaack

sushi and tomatoes

Brioche and Rosemary Ham with Goat Cheese

A Simple Lunch

Quick Lunch

Peanut Butter Again

Salmon Quiche Lunch

Bolani Lunch

Bad News- No Picture :-)

Back on Track with Ham Sliders

I'm sick

Chuckwagon Sandwich

Peanut Butter Roll Ups

Playing with Peanut Butter

Taziki Rolled Sandwich

Sopressata Roll Up

Pressed Prosciutto Sandwich

Peanut Butter Goes Uptown

Salmon and Tomato Rolled Sandwiches with Dill

Not Just for Kids- salmon cream cheese press

8-20-09 Hey You Pikachu

8-19-09 first lunch

Knives, thermoses, bento boxes, etc

The Picture on my Blog!

Looking forward to Lunch