Friday, January 29, 2010

Flowers and Poker

It's Friday, and I'm tired. So today we have peanut butter (with my favorite Cream Nut peanut butter)- but there are flowers for my daughter and there is poker for my son.

I also sent organic apple sauce and Bahlsen Granor cookies (I'm taking Deloba).

We buy Bahlsen because there is no corn starch. It's hard to find cookies without modified food starch or corn starch. Don't buy these at regular price at Amazon! They go on sale for around $22.00- buy them then. I do :-) Remember, you can keep things saved in your cart and just wait for the price to change. I do that with all sorts of things. If you are patient, you will pay less.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hummus and Raita Sandwich with Couscous

The sandwiches are lavosh bread roll ups, spread with garlic hummus and raita, and I layered some very thinly sliced cucumbers on them, and sprinkled them with finely chopped red peppers.

In the little box at the top of the container you see couscous with currants, pearl onions and sun dried tomatoes. In the box at the bottom is a fresh cucumber and shredded carrot salad dressed with champagne citrus vinegar and sugar. There are dates in the yellow muffin cup for dessert.

I sent this with a Luna bar, some mint tea and honey, and some cookies.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flower Lunch Salad, Dinner Garden Salad and Chop salad

I used Muenster cheese and cheddar for the flowers in this. The flower centers are bell pepper and uncured peperoni. You can also see olives and tomatoes. It's all served on a bed of organic baby greens. I sent this in a salad container that has a separate "well" for the salad dressing.

I also cut enough decorative pieces to put on our dinner salad. And what to do with the little bits and pieces left over? Make a chop salad! I took a picture of my chop salad, too.

The dressing I used was a balsamic pomegranate dressing from Costco.