Hummus, sweet red pepper and olive roll up

These roll ups are simply Lavosh bread spread thickly with hummus, leaving about an inch and a half at the top for the "seal". I put organic baby lettuce, chopped red pepper, and chopped black olives in the middle. In the "Lunchbot" tin there is a baby salad, and a silicone cup of black olives. I put a lettuce leaf on top of that, and added a layer of orange sections.

In the Vivo Bento (which is more like a tiffin container, really)- you see another arrangement of the rollups. The black olives make a nice center, don't they? In the blue half of the bento you see orange sections, deglet noor dates, and honey roasted peanuts.


  1. Very Yummy! Yes, they do really look good and delicious! If you like, you might try to use the stainless steel tiffin carrier to store all your favorite dishes in a very stylish tiffin carrier. This is also a good way to be green this year because it's eco-friendly. =)


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