Finals Week

Finals week was last week, so the kids didn't need lunches on Thurs and Fri. I, however, took a field trip to Galt, California, as part of a Project Lead the Way field trip. Lunch was provided, but I guessed there would be little I could eat, so I packed myself a nice little lunch.

I took Moroccan Mint tea (Stash) with honey and lemon added, in my trusty thermos (the Spider, by Alfi). I took a big hunk of goat cheese (Bucherondin) and some Urban Oven grackers (Asiago Cheese flavor). I also packed myself some Sharkies (because I'm now a Sharkies addict), some orange slices and some torta de aceite (seville orange flavor).

I was right about the lunch provided. It was Mexican food :-) Everything had corn or modified food starch in it- so if I had not brought my own lunch, I would have been very very hungry.