Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quick Lunch

This lunch is pretty simple. In the orange dish I have put sushi rice and tomatoes. In the other dish is a homemade brownie, some candied lemon peel, dates, and crackers. I sent a Bora Bora bar and some string cheese with this lunch.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I made sushi this morning. There are few things quicker to make than sushi rolls, I think.

Nori sheets
sushi rice
celery match sticks
celery sticks

Sushi is so easy to make. I learned to do it watching people do it on Youtube! And you can do it too. The bamboo roller does all the work. It's like magic. I do have a little secret- I cover my bamboo roller with plastic wrap every time, and that way rice never gets on the bamboo, and when I am done I just wrap the roll up in the plastic, and recover the bamboo roller.

I cooked tomagoyaki (I cook it ahead of time and roll it up in plastic and stick several rolls in the fridge- you can grab one and eat it as an "omelet on the go"- or you can slice it and serve it with other things). I sliced the tomagoyaki and cut it in to match sticks, and then rolled it up. And the other sushi is rolled up celery match sticks.

The celery sushi is served with tomatoes, and the tomagoyaki sushi has celery sticks running down the center of the dish (And one celery sushi got in with the egg- but I thought it looked pretty, so I left it).

Here is a link to a man making tomagoyaki. I only put mirin, soy sauce and sugar in mine (and sometimes, when I make it for my youngest, no sugar- since she does not like the sugar) and sometimes I sprinkle the omelet with sesame seeds, or spring onions, or something else, before I roll it up. Sometimes I slice the tomagoyaki on rice, for a pretty effect, and sometimes I cut it into match sticks to roll up in the sushi.

I do NOT use chopsticks- I use two Mario Batali spatulas (small) to roll up my Tomagoyaki, because I like it rolled up nice and tight. I bought my tomagoyaki pan at Amazon (don't spend extra for the Joyce Chen one- get the cheaper one). If you make this a lot the pans will wear out- when the teflon starts to get a spot in the center, throw the pan out and get another.

This is the tomagoyaki pan I recommend:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Peanut Butter Again

I did not take a picture today, since today was sort of a repeat. I made peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat, and I sprinkled the peanut butter with chopped pecans. I sent plums and brownies and a Bora Bora bar as well.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Salmon Quiche Lunch

This was my son's lunch today. I love leftovers and cook with those in mind. So yesterday, when I baked salmon quiche for brunch, I made extra hoping it would last until I packed lunches today. Quiche is such a great lunchbox food, since it keeps well, you can eat it with fingers or fork, and it is such an easy treat.

There are two layers of small wedges of quiche (4 wedges total), tiny green tomatoes, organic raspberries, pear sauce (from Trader Joes), and Bora Bora bars (Costco).

I buy the "Crazy Chef" quiche at Whole Foods whenever it is 50% off, as it was this weekend.