Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm rushed off my feat

So it's been a crazy week, but I still made lunches. I've bought a lot of cheese, since Costco had some amazing cheeses, so I've been sending cheese and crackers, fruit and veggies, and snacks- and that's lunch. I am eating that too- and I've found the cheese so filling, I often can't finish the rest of my meal. I guess I'm on "The Cheese Diet"- but not intentionally.

On Monday we ate goat cheese with herbs and Mc Vitie's Digestive Biscuits (the crackers that eat like a meal). Many carbs make you want to snack and snack- but I have never been able to eat more than a few Mc Vitie's- despite the fact that I love the taste. I also sent tiny pears- because I love goat cheese with pears. As snacks I sent cashews and a little home made pudding (chocolate).

On Tuesday we bought a tray of cheese and sausage from Trader Joes. We each took a few slices of jack cheese, a few cheddar slices, and some salami. I sent Mc Vities crackers, a few biscotti treats, clementines, and for my son, who had a very long day, I also sent a small container of rice with Trader Joes organic chili on top.

On Wednesday only my son needed a lunch, but he wanted to buy at school, since a salad he wanted to try was on sale.

On Thursday I sent the Middle East Feast- which I bought at Trader Joes. I meant to make sushi, but I just didn't have the energy.

Friday- TGIF. I sent more cheese and crackers. I've got a huge wheel of the goat cheese, and I didn't want it to go to waste. It's never as tasty (imo) then when you cut in to the wheel- so we're trying to eat it up. Lunch today was a repeat of Monday- though I did manage to add some home dipped chocolate madelines. I bought Costco madelines- dipped them in 80% Lindt dark chocolate, and then I sprinkled them with sea salt. The sea salt makes the chocolate taste really amazing.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chili Quiche

Here is a picture of the chili quiche (it's the one in front- the beans give it speckles). In back you see a ham quiche cooling.

Quiche Lunch

This is two lunches- the little one in the tin is my daughter's lunch.

I used the quiche recipe I mentioned earlier in August. But I will repeat it here- since it's so easy, and lately I've been using white onion instead of green. And I am making double batches- and adding last minute ingredients so I have two flavors. I just baked two this morning, and made one ham, and one tuna.

1 cup mayo
1 cup milk
2 TBS cornstarch
1/2 chopped onion- chop fine- I use a sweet white onion
4 eggs (you can add more if you like- it changes the texture)
3 cups finely shredded cheese- I use Trader Joes Mexican blend

Mix milk, mayo, cornstarch and eggs. Add cheese and onion. Then add whatever goodies you want to put in- this is also the point where you can divide the recipe and make 2 different kinds of quiche, or you can make two the same. It's up to you. For ONE quiche, cut the recipe in 1/2.

Last minute additions- I give amounts for a SINGLE quiche (plain cheese and onion is also delicious)- 6 ounces chopped ham, or 1/2 can chili, or 1 can tuna, or 1 can crab, or 1 can shrimp, or drained chopped olives- the list is endless. Play with this!!! And the quiche is nice and firm, so it will travel well in the lunchbox. My children tell me there has been no quiche breakage :-)

Remember- I'm too lazy to bake that pie crust ahead of time. I just use Trader Joes unbaked pie crust. I have found that glass pie dishes give a much crispier crust (and give it that "pot pie" taste- which we just love). I have used clear glass and corningwear, and they are far superior to my stainless steel pie pans.

Middle East Lunch- thank you Costco

Since I am back at work I'm pleased I can add a lunch item like this to my son's meal. It's by Foodology (and they also make a really good spicy egg white salad). I found this at Costco- but as with all Costco special items, we don't know how long it will be around.

I sent pretzels, dates, grapes and biscotti treat (also from Costco- biscotti with white chocolate, dark chocolate and caramel- not too good for you, but a nice little dessert.) I break it in to little sections, so it looks like a sent more than I really did.

Sushi rice and sauerkraut

Because sauerkraut tastes so darn good in sushi, I put some on top of leftover sushi rice for this easy lunch. You will also see dates (top left), cuties in sections, grapes, pretzels, madelines dipped in chocolate (sometimes I sprinkle these with sea salt- delicious!), and a few tiny chocolate chip cookies. I also sent a Pure blueberry bar, and some limeade.

I use Bubbies Sauerkraut with active bacteria. I've read it is rich in vitamin K- and supposed to be good for you. I also really love the taste.

Foods rich in vitamin K: