Sunday, January 11, 2015

Waffle Brownies- so far, not a great success

I was so excited about this.  I read several posts about doing this.  But our first try was not a success.  My brownies were not eager to exit the waffle maker- and the first batch was really bad (I had sprayed the waffle maker with my usual light coating of coconut oil) and the second batch, without oil, was better, but still not great.  I just made my usual boxed brownie recipe.  Next time I will use some of the modifications.  If I still don't get a good result, I'm going back to regular brownies- which are plenty good enough for me.

Not horrible- but not what I'd call a great success, either.

Pack Up Your Food IMMEDIATELY Into Meal Sized Containers

It seems so simple, but my mom never did this, and as a consequence a lot of our food did not get eaten.  If you pack things up- like this bean soup- in individual containers, especially ones that can be used to reheat the food, and serve it- you will not waste anything!  Your family will grab these on their way out the door to work.  They'll eat these for breakfast.  And before you can have any for yourself, all the food will be gone!

Arugula and Pickled Egg Sandwiches with Bacon Bean Soup

Just a few days ago I told you how to make pickled eggs and my bacon and bean soup- here are the two served together for lunch :-)  I toss the arugula with some mayo, which helps the eggs stay in place, and I put a very light spread of mayo on my rye bread as well.  These eggs were pickled for a week, so they've gone beyond ombre to solid pink.  If you use the eggs quickly, they'll have a delicate ombre color.  Might be nice for a baby shower.