I can't believe how long I've been away

So the moving odyssey now seems never ending. We were supposed to move in on April 21st, had the moving guys booked, and had changed the gas, water, cable, etc- and the man in our house would not move. So now he is supposed to be out on May 7th- and maybe, maybe, I'll be able to cook again. Most of my pans and almost all my tools are boxed up- since we thought we'd be moved by April 21st, they've been boxed up for a while- and were either in a POD, or were driven away in a Zippy Shell (and I can recommend both systems- though I think I prefer the POD, since it is bigger, and doesn't have a ramp that can bite you in the shins.)

I have a few pitiful bits of cooking trivia to add to my blog- I got this cutting board (for my gorgeous new granite counters):


and I got some trivets by the same company some time ago:


I think these products are amazing! When I read the reviews for all the boards (obsessive that I am) I did note that people with dull knives had some problems with gouging. Now none of you, I'm sure, would have a dull knife, so not to worry- but if you have any dull knifed friends, don't tell them to get this board. It's not for them.

I hope to see you all again very soon, and be able to share lots and lots of food pictures! But for right now, please send happy thoughts, as we need them. I'm tired of being in limbo- house wise.