Saturday, January 16, 2010

Raita Roll Ups

I used Trader Joes raita, but of course you could make your own. There are plenty of recipes out on the net. I took a whole organic cucumber and peeled it and sliced it thinly, then spread the slices over some lavosh bread I had coated with raita, and left about 3" at the top of the bread with just sauce to get a good seal. Then I rolled up my bread, and sliced it, and served it as you see, with a bowl of olives. I also made roast lamb and cous cous and veggies to go with the raita roll ups, but the raita roll ups would make a lovely light lunch if you sent them with some snacks.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Here I have made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on separate sandwiches. I used the same Ateco cutters I used yesterday. I only put the design on one side of the bread- if you try to do both sides the sandwich will fall apart. Some of these are sour cherry jelly, and some of them are peanut butter. We use Cream Nut peanut butter because it tastes so delicious. If you worry about salmonella in your peanut butter, just heat it to the temperature that kills that bacteria- 165 degrees. I don't find it does anything to the taste of the peanut butter, and heating it makes it easier to spread. Use a candy thermometer for temperature.

In the small containers you will see a mini trifle (crushed lady fingers at the bottom, raspberry jam with cream sherry to taste in the middle, Bird's custard on top- and some whip cream) and some oranges.

The other photo is my idea of what to do with the "frame" left over in the wheat bread after you have taken a circle out. My kids love Eggs In Toast. I used to actually cut the circles out by hand, before I wised up and bought cutters. I just crack the egg into the bread and break the yolk, and then cook it well on both sides- my kids don't like runny eggs.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chef Salad

This chef salad is served in a large "Lunchbot" container, which is a nice big tiffin tin. I cut most of the circles using my Ateco 11 piece cutter set (see URL at bottom). The largest slice of cheese (colby) came in a circle, and the salami and carrots and onions were also circular already. The orange cheese is sharp cheddar, and the white one is Muenster. The second largest circle is uncured ham. The red circles are bell pepper, and so is the bright yellow small circle. I arranged the pieces on a bed of baby organic lettuce, and carrots. I'm sending a packet of Drew's salad dressing (balsamic vinnegar) as dressing. (see URL at bottom for dressing) Hardboiled eggs work well in this salad, as do sliced olives and tomatoes.

Ateco cutters:


Drew's take along dressings:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Circle Sandwich

Simple, fun sandwich. It's spread with peanut butter, some brownie crumbles, and some pecan pieces. I made all the sandwiches on the large white bread, but I saved the outside of the wheat bread- what's left is most a "frame"- and cooked eggs in the middle. That was breakfast. I love an egg cooked in the middle of a piece of hollowed out bread.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cheese Garden

This works easily as a lunch, but it could also be very pretty on a large tray for a brunch or a party. You can put as many layers on the flowers as you want, and you can run chives down the center of the "petals" for more detail (I suggest you score a channel in the cheese for the chive to rest in if you do that.)

This lunch is on a bed of heirloom lettuce, and is composed of uncured sausage (no nitrites), Muenster cheese, carrots, bell peppers and Aioli mustard- as "glue" and also to decorate the center of the flowers. As I stacked the layers, I put a dollop of mustard on the back of each piece to keep it in place. I sent this with pretzels and crackers, a Luna bar, some apple sauce, and a dessert. The flowers are 3 1/2" across, to give you a sense of scale. This also looks pretty if you use chia seeds (or some other small seed) to sprinkle on the mustard in the center. That just gives the whole thing more detail.

Monday, January 11, 2010

PBJ- flower sandwich

My son was a really good sport to take one of these in his lunch- but you really do need to make two of them, since you remove a piece of the wheat to put in the white. It's super easy- just make sure both the breads are similar in thickness or it gets a little weird. I think these brighten up a lunch box- you can do even more cut outs, thought I've never done more than 3- I have a small cutter than makes a nice central flower- but I was feeling lazy. You can also do a circle cut out and let jam show through on one side of the sandwich, as the center of the flower. That's pretty cute. Though that works better when you are not sending it in a lunchbox. Might get a little gooey if you try to send that one to school.

I sent Amy's organic bunny fruit treats today with these sandwiches. Have you tried those? Oh my goodness. They are the most delicious little gummies. They are so soft and full of flavor. I took some too. I took several- one of each flavor. It was for research purposes, you understand. I have to say the tropical are my favorite, but they were all absolutely delicious. Because I like them so much, that probably means Costco will only carry them for a short time, and then I will have to get them at Whole Foods where they cost quite a bit more.

I also baked a Canterbury Naturals lemon cake mix- with my fresh lemon zest in it, and sent lemon cake to school for dessert. Also included apple sauce and some carrot sticks.