Eggs Baked in Ham Shells- super easy!!!

Super Kale Chicken- using Kale Powder

Panda Bento- Easy Sushi Rice

More North Shore Goodies

North Shore Goodies Coconut Honey Peanut Butter on Pancakes- wtih Pineapple Syrup

North Shore Goodies Jam and Syrup- with Pancakes!

North Shore Goodies- delicious, wonderful food from Hawaii

Chicken with Salsa and Pineapple

Pickled Pears? You bet

Copper River Salmon in parmesan crust

DUCK EGGS!!! They're delicious

Breakfast Pizza- easy, delicious, relatively good for you :-)

Cocoa Molasses Cookies- using up that ginormous Costco tin of Starbucks cocoa

Talking Sausage (no, the sausage doesn't talk- it's just me, making sausage suggestions)

Talking Turkey- Bacon, that is

Cheese Scones

Molasses Cocoa Cookies! For Cookie Monsters everywhere!

Yogurt Pie and home made graham cracker crust

Angry Orchard Gin Cocktail

A particularly good shepherd's pie- with fennel!

Hendrk's Gin Black Mojito

Easy Peasey Pizza

Home Made Cookie Taste- for Lazy Folks

Peanut Chicken Soup!