Saturday, May 10, 2014

Leftover Roast Soup

Sure, it doesn't sound very sexy- but when you spend a lot of money on a roast, you don't want it to go to waste.  I started with this- which I got on sale at Costco:

 You will need:
3 cups sliced beef or pork or chicken
2 1/2 cups onions- diced
2 cups carrots, sliced
2 cups celery, diced
2 cups petite sirah
1 package dark gravy (16 oz)- I use Imagine, Wild Mushroom Gravy
10 oz mushrooms (I used wild mushrooms)
8 oz pearl onions
I don't add any salt or spices- it just doesn't need it, as far as I am concerned, but that doesn't mean you would not want to add some

We had that roast, pictured above, for dinner last night, and today I had about 3 cups of sliced roast, and bacon filling, left over.  So, I diced 2 1/2 cups onion, 2 carrots (large ones- came to 2 cups thinly sliced carrots), and a bunch of celery (2 cups, diced), as well as 8 oz of pearl onions, whole- and I sauteed all that in a pan with 3 TBS butter- just until the veggies were lightly caramelized.

Then I added 2 cups of petite sirah, and a package of Imagine wild mushroom organic gravy, and the sliced meat.  I cooked the mixture for about 40 minutes, and then I added a package of  frozen wild mushrooms and asparagus, and cooked the soup until it was hot again.  It's delicious!  It's very meaty, and has lots of flavors, which all meld together perfectly.  You can hardly taste the wine- but it's there, under the surface, giving depth and complexity to the meaty flavors.

Here's my mirepoix as it cooks- but with sliced carrots, for texture and visual interest:

Pearl onions from Trader Joes were added to the mirepoix and cooked till lightly caramelized:
At the very end I added the wild mushrooms:
And the soup looked like this (and I wish I could give you a taste, so you could see how delicious it is for yourself):
I'm serving it with a glass of the petite sirah I put in the soup.  Mmmmmmm

Friday, May 9, 2014

Cupcakes- easy and relatively good ingredients

Our family has to eat mainly organic, because of our corn allergy.  Because of this, we end up using products that have less of the processed garbage you're supposed to stay away from.

Today my kids were craving chocolate cupcakes.  So I used my Arrowhead Mills mix:
Sure, you could make your cupcakes from scratch, but I don't feel like doing that when I get home from work.  So for a tired person who wants to make a great cake or cupcake, this mix is fantastic.

For frosting I use Pamela's:
Here's the finished product- dipped in to white chocolate curls:

Delicious Easy Dinner!

So to start this, you'll need "Just Cook" Beef New York Roast (which I found at Costco)- or any other prepared roast. 

The great thing about this roast- is that it tastes amazing, and the ingredients aren't too weird- and they're all real food.  It's easy to cook- takes a couple hours, and I served it with baked whipped potatoes (make mashed potatoes with butter, spices to taste (I use pepper, salt and taco seasoning) and cream, add about 1 cup of cheese while you whip them- spread the whipped potatoes in a casserole dish, sprinkle with more cheese, bake until the cheese is golden brown).

The leftovers from the roast are going to make fantastic stew tomorrow.  I scraped everything out of the pan, and tomorrow I'll add it to some good red wine in the slow cooker, and I will also add some mushroom gravy (pacific organic), I'll slice some carrots in, and add some peas, and voila- delicious mushroom and wine stew!

Yum!  If your Costco is like mine, this roast might be one sale- at about 7 bucks a pound it was (imo) a great deal.  I'll get 5 dinners out of it tonight, and at least 5 bowls of stew tomorrow.