Not Just for Kids- salmon cream cheese press

Today's lunch is a little more grown up, but that doesn't mean kids won't like it. This makes enough for a whole crowd.

One loaf unsliced bread (I use the flattish pugliese bread at Trader Joes)
One container of cream cheese and chives spread- you can mix this yourself, but I buy mine pre-made from Trader Joes
Romaine lettuce, ribs removed
4 oz of smoked salmon (more if you prefer)

Slice longwise from the thin side the entire length of the bread so you end up with two large flat halves. Hollow out each half to remove some of the bread. Be careful not to weaken the shell of bread too much. I try to leave about 1/2 inch of bread. (I use the saved bread for egg frittata- just throw it in a baggy and freeze it for later if you feel lazy.)

After the bread is hollowed out spread both sides thinly with cream cheese and chives spread. Next, layer the bread on one side with romaine. Then layer on the smoked salmon and close the sandwich. Wrap it in plastic wrap or put it in a gallon baggy and put it under something heavy in the fridge to press it flat.

Then I slice mine to fit a bento, and arrange them as you see in the picture. The garnish is mint and a mint flower. There was enough left over for me to leave sandwiches in baggies for my kids who aren't in school yet.

The fruit section of the bento has organic pluots, organic red flame grapes, and mint flowers. (Mint flowers are edible, and look beautiful in tea or on cakes, as well as being pretty in a bento.)


  1. Just curious, do you plan the week before? Do you have a shopping list for the week?

  2. Sometimes I plan ahead. When I do the rice cooking I need to, because I get so much rice! So I think "What can I do with all this rice?"

    And I definitely plan around fruits and veggies, because I don't want them to rot.

    When I made the first pot of rice for the first lunch I thought I could do rice as a background one day, and I really wanted to do Pikachu the next day, because he is so cute. And my kids ate a lot of the rice for breakfast- so then it was gone. But then I just happened to be walking around Trader Joes and my daughter said "We haven't had smoked salmon in a while."- so that's why I made that sandwich, and the sandwich you will see Monday was just a whim- because I was looking in my fridge thinking "I wonder if those things would taste good together?"

    So I guess the short answer is that I try to plan, but I'm very distractable :-)

    I don't think I'm organized enough for shopping lists. I write them (sometimes) by I invariably forget to bring them with me.

  3. ps- my kids loved this salmon sandwich. They want me to make it again, already.

  4. The heck with kids. I am going to make that sandwich for mememe.

  5. I hope you like it as much as we did.


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