Knives, thermoses, bento boxes, etc

Here are some pictures of some of my favorite lunch things. You'll find links to descriptions on amazon at the bottom of this post. I've got a separate stash of sushi implements that I'll photograph later. In the upper left you see some thermoses that I use constantly. I use a big thermos, and send the kids with slightly smaller 20oz thermoses, and you can see a 16 oz food jar. Food jars are fantastic for sending chili and soup. Right underneath the thermoses you see the Vivo bento boxes I use (I got them off Amazon when they were on sale.) These can carry a huge amount of food.

Under the Vivo bento picture you see my GoGo salad keeper, which I send with the kids when I send a salad with dressing, and the plastic veggie stick and dip container (both of these are available at Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon). The little blue boxes I got at Target- perfect for blueberries or raspberries. Below the salad keeper you see some traditional bento boxes. These are excellent for sushi lunches, or lunches with rice, or small thin cut sandwiches stacked into the box. The tight fitting plastic lid works perfectly. You will find these on Amazon.

At the bottom you see my favorite knives- the Shun (the 8" chef's knife) I use all the time. It's an amazing knife. I like it better than all my other knives- and I have some lovely other knives. The Kershaw single sided is really important for cutting sushi. You just can't use a double side sharpened knife on sushi. I can make almost anything using these two knives- and nothing, nothing, is as sharp as a Shun. I recommend you use blade guard edges on your knives- they keep your knives sharp, AND they prevent accidents. win win

On the right hand side of the page you see my orange water bottle. I bought these water bottles at Costco, one for each member of the family- they are by Contigo, 24 oz. BPA free.


  1. I'm not even going to try to figure out how this happened, but "preview" showed me a different layout- so the water bottle which showed up on the right side of the page by itself, is now in the middle of the other pictures. Please take that in to account when you read the descriptions.

  2. I am wondering what on your main Lunch Picture those these are in the Shallow Green Dish? Eggs? Karen Hastings Baker

  3. That is the top compartment of a 3 compartment box, and in the small green silicone bowl there are three fresh mozzarella balls (which go quite nicely with fruit.) That compartment is the "dessert" compartment of my kids lunch.

    The whole 3 compartment stack of containers is 6" by 6"- so it holds a lot of food.

    I'll be photographing a whole bento lunch tomorrow for my daughter, who is starting band camp at school, so you'll see what a whole lunch looks like tomorrow.

  4. you should check out the melamine info...
    I don't think it is good for storing kids food, or otherwise

  5. For cold lunches there really should be no problem with melamine.

    Melamine won't release BPA, which is the chemical to be concerned about in polycarbonate plastics, commonly marked with a number 7. Melamine is a nitrogen-containing chemical that is used as a fire retardant and when combined with formaldehyde forms a resin. Melamine products are not known to release formaldehyde gases and as far as we know are safe for food. But melamine dishes should not be used in the microwave. Before putting ANY dishes in the microwave, you should check the bottom to see if they are microwave safe and not marked with a number 7.

    Here's more information about plastics in the microwave, if you're interested:

    This information is from NRDC's website,, and has been vetted by our staff scientists and doctors.


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