Peanut Butter Goes Uptown

This peanut butter sandwich was inspired by my friend Debbie. She told me about all the great things she puts on her PBJ sandwiches.

This sandwich is made with whole wheat bread and sliced almonds. The almonds are drizzled with a little local honey.

I sent this sandwich with apple sauce, raisins, carrot sticks, and tea (mint and honey).


  1. mmmmm Almonds on a PPJ...and Honey...I love a good crunch in a sandwich... (I have been known to shove frito's in a tuna sandwich). Good idea (as I head off store, note to self, copy Alex on this one! Yum, Thanks! Karen HB

  2. I hope it works for you! I am going to tweak it a bit for this coming week. I hope you'll enjoy the other things I do with peanut butter.

  3. Ready with the PeanutButter. I already have my PB Honey/Almond Sandwich ready for tomorrow. Working hard to resist eating it now... You are inspiring me (well inspiring me to copy you :) I found another site too...You may have already seen it but just in case

  4. That's a really neat site! I had not been there- but I had seen the laptop lunch system. I figured just buying the Oots containers would work for me (without buying the expensive Oots lunchbox.) I own 4 large Oots containers and 8 small Oots boxes- so the whole family can take lunch at the same time.

    Have you see this site?


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