Salmon and Tomato Rolled Sandwiches with Dill

I still have a lot of whole wheat lavosh bread, and my kids asked for more salmon sandwiches. So I got to thinking, how about two complimentary sandwiches? I used dill weed to tie these two sandwiches together.

dill weed
4 oz smoked salmon
whipped cream cheese
romaine lettuce
home grown tomatoes
lavosh bread (whole wheat)
cherry tomatoes
celery hearts

The first sandwich has whipped cream cheese spread on lavosh bread. I sprinkled the cream cheese generously with dill weed. Then I layered salmon on the lavosh bread, and topped it with romaine lettuce with the ribs removed. Finally, I rolled it up tightly. The two sandwiches at the top of the box are the salmon sandwiches.

At the bottom of the box are four tomato roll ups. I made them by spreading whipped cream cheese on lavosh bread and then sprinkling the cheese with dill. Then I took thinly sliced home grown tomatoes and put them on a paper towel to get a little of the liquid out. After drying them out a little I layered them on the sandwich, sprinkled them with a little sea salt, put some freshly ground black pepper on them, and rolled them up (no lettuce on these). Delicious!

In the little oots box I sent celery heart sticks and cherry tomatoes, and I packed an apple sauce and some cookies, since this was my son's lunch, and he has a big appetite.