Taziki Rolled Sandwich

My daughter would not eat these, so she is having peanut butter, but my son and I loved them. These are cucumber and arugula sandwiches made with taziki sauce and hummus.

Ingredients: taziki (I bought mine at Trader Joes, hummus (I used Sabra hummus from Costco), one large thinly sliced peeled hot house cucumber, washed and dried arugula, lavosh bread.

Spread bread with hummus, then with a thin layer of taziki. Make a single layer of the thinly sliced cucumbers. On one sandwich add arugula, leave the other plain. Roll, chill and slice. In the lunch box 3 sandwiches have arugula and 2 do not. That gives my son some variety to his lunch. He is also taking a Kind bar (apricot and macadmia), some cherry tomatoes, sliced celery, and some cheddar bunnies mixes with cashews.