sushi and tomatoes

This lunch consists of pickle sushi (made with little sweet gherkins) and cheddar cheese sushi with mustard, sliced home grown tomatoes, and fresh pumpkin bread.

The cheese sushi is just nori with sushi rice (I've posted a recipe for sushi rice in an earlier post), and then the rice is sprinkled lightly with about 1/2 heaping teaspoon of Coleman's mustard, and then small sticks of cheese are lined up in the center of the sushi.

The pickle sushi is just sushi rice and pickles.

Cheese and pickles go so well together, and my son likes them a lot in sushi. I think they look pretty together too.


  1. I feel like such a shirker. I meant to do this every day- but I find mostly I've been making sandwiches that are repeats of what I've already posted. I hope I find the energy to be a bit more creative! It's almost soup weather- so I can start sending soup, which is always a little inspirational. Sigh.

    Pickles and sushi is really good if you like pickles. I do black and green olive sushi as well. Actually I've rolled all sorts of weird stuff in to sushi, and it's almost always good. The trick is to try your ingredient (s) with a bite of nori- because it's the seaweed your filling has to harmonize with. Anything goes with sushi rice.


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