Back on Track with Ham Sliders

This little lunch was fun to make!
Ingredients: Tiny slider buns from Trader Joes, nitrite free ham, Muenster cheese slices, mustard, mayonnaise, baby pickles, edamame beans, clementines, red plums, prunes, sugar peas, 1000 layer crackers.

The tiny ham sandwiches are just ham, Muenster, mayo and mustard. They are surrounded by edamame beans, sugar peas, and some baby pickles. In the fruit container are 2 clementines, and sections of red plum and prune (dipped in vitamin C water to make sure they would not brown.)

I also sent a couple 1000 layer cracker packs- new at Trader Joes and absolutely delicious! I also sent a True North package of nut clusters.