Panda Bento- Easy Sushi Rice

Here is my daughter's lunch this morning.  Easy sushi rice made of Seeds of Change brown rice packet (I used two, because I wanted leftover rice for egg pancakes)- heated for 1 minute, and combined with 1/4 cup of seasoned vinegar which had been heated with 2 TBS sugar- until the sugar dissolved.  Then I stirred the vinegar mixture in to the rice.  Voila.  That forms the base of the top compartment- packed tightly.  On top of that I arranged carrot "flowers" cut with small cutters, and the "stems" are parsley stems.  In the other compartment you see peanuts, Sproutzels (sprouted wheat pretzels) and 2 Lindt truffles as "dessert".  Here is Mr. Panda as he is ready to go: