Yogurt Pie and home made graham cracker crust

Because of our corn allergy, there are a lot of yogurts we cannot eat. Look at the ingredients of your yogurt- do you see starch, or modified food starch?  If you do, that's probably corn.  I'm also sensitive to carrageenan, and so I have my choice of very few yogurts- but at least I have a choice of really good yogurt (or I could make it myself, and I do!).

 But Noosa is pretty delicious (it's "Aussie" style) so I decided to use that, since we had some tart cherry Noosa in the fridge.  I just drained the yogurt- to get the very watery bits out, and then in a bowl I whipped a cup of heavy cream with a few TBS of sugar- until I could form a peak.  Then I folded the whip cream and the yogurt together and put it in a graham cracker crust- which I'd just made (because there is corn starch in most store bought crusts).  Then I stuck the pie in the freezer- and we ate it this morning.  I meant to take a picture, but it was gone so fast I didn't get around to it.

To make the crust I use Erewhon graham crackers.  I crush enough crackers to get about 1 1/2 cups of crumbs.  I mix the crumbs with 3 TBS sugar, 3 TBS almond meal (optional) and 5 TBS butter, melted.  When all the ingredients are well stirred, I press them in to the pan and bake until set- that's about 8 minutes at 375- but keep an eye on it.  Ovens differ, and I wait until it browns a little.  Then you just cool and use!