Pickled Pears? You bet

I used Forelle pears- because I bought a giant bag of them.  I also cheated on the pickling brine- I just used the brine from our Farmer's Garden bread and butter pickles:

Yes- I am a cheater.

Slice the pears any way your want- I prefer lengthwise sections, and drop them in the brine (I didn't even bother to fish out the red peppers that were left from the bread and butter pickles).  After 12 hours they were already pickly- but I'm sure they will get even more pickly!  They are delicious:

I did NOT pickle the whole pear- just put it in there so you could see it.  I also add a little ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to the pickle brine- not sure if I need to, but I don't want brown pickles.  I think these would be awesome on a pork sandwich!!!!  And I want to try them baked on a pizza with blue cheese.