Hendrk's Gin Black Mojito

Cocktail shaker
mint leaves (I use 1/4 cup- loosely packed)
juice of 1/2 lime (saved squeezed out 1/2- for rim trim)
Mojito rim trim sugar (or any sugar)
Hendrik's Gin
Mathilde Cassis Liqueur (Black Currant liqueur)
lime soda water
hot fresh made simple sugar- 2 tbs water/2tbs sugar- cooked in microwave until sugar is disloved

Put well torn mint in shaker.  Pour in hot simple syrup. Squeeze in juice of 1/2 lime. Add 4 oz Hendrik's gin and 2 oz Cassis liqueur. Let stand.  Use squeezed lime on rim of two martini glasses- wet rims with lime, then dip in sugar.  Cut two 1/2 slices of lime from reserved 1/2 to garnish glasses.  Put ice in shaker, and add 3/4 cup lime soda water.  Shake briefly- pour in to glasses.  Enjoy