Here I have made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on separate sandwiches. I used the same Ateco cutters I used yesterday. I only put the design on one side of the bread- if you try to do both sides the sandwich will fall apart. Some of these are sour cherry jelly, and some of them are peanut butter. We use Cream Nut peanut butter because it tastes so delicious. If you worry about salmonella in your peanut butter, just heat it to the temperature that kills that bacteria- 165 degrees. I don't find it does anything to the taste of the peanut butter, and heating it makes it easier to spread. Use a candy thermometer for temperature.

In the small containers you will see a mini trifle (crushed lady fingers at the bottom, raspberry jam with cream sherry to taste in the middle, Bird's custard on top- and some whip cream) and some oranges.

The other photo is my idea of what to do with the "frame" left over in the wheat bread after you have taken a circle out. My kids love Eggs In Toast. I used to actually cut the circles out by hand, before I wised up and bought cutters. I just crack the egg into the bread and break the yolk, and then cook it well on both sides- my kids don't like runny eggs.