Delicious Easy Dinner!

So to start this, you'll need "Just Cook" Beef New York Roast (which I found at Costco)- or any other prepared roast. 

The great thing about this roast- is that it tastes amazing, and the ingredients aren't too weird- and they're all real food.  It's easy to cook- takes a couple hours, and I served it with baked whipped potatoes (make mashed potatoes with butter, spices to taste (I use pepper, salt and taco seasoning) and cream, add about 1 cup of cheese while you whip them- spread the whipped potatoes in a casserole dish, sprinkle with more cheese, bake until the cheese is golden brown).

The leftovers from the roast are going to make fantastic stew tomorrow.  I scraped everything out of the pan, and tomorrow I'll add it to some good red wine in the slow cooker, and I will also add some mushroom gravy (pacific organic), I'll slice some carrots in, and add some peas, and voila- delicious mushroom and wine stew!

Yum!  If your Costco is like mine, this roast might be one sale- at about 7 bucks a pound it was (imo) a great deal.  I'll get 5 dinners out of it tonight, and at least 5 bowls of stew tomorrow.