Hummus and Raita Sandwich with Couscous

The sandwiches are lavosh bread roll ups, spread with garlic hummus and raita, and I layered some very thinly sliced cucumbers on them, and sprinkled them with finely chopped red peppers.

In the little box at the top of the container you see couscous with currants, pearl onions and sun dried tomatoes. In the box at the bottom is a fresh cucumber and shredded carrot salad dressed with champagne citrus vinegar and sugar. There are dates in the yellow muffin cup for dessert.

I sent this with a Luna bar, some mint tea and honey, and some cookies.


  1. Great pictures... everything looks delicious!

    Here's a different way to make the carrot raita. Thought you might be interested.

  2. That sound delicious! I will certainly try your recipe. Thank you.


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