Savory Curry Waffle Bowls

I used this waffle bowl maker:

It's fabulous!  Yes, it makes regular waffles just fine, but try savory dinner waffles!

This evening I made curry waffle bowls- I had Krusteaz waffles, according to the directions, and then added 3 tsp of curry powder.  I cook the waffle bowls extra well, since they will have stew in them.  Follow the directions on the machine- if you prefer a crunchy waffle like we do, give the waffle an extra minute or two.  I make the waffles ahead of time- so they're ready to go for dinner.  They'll keep till the next day, if you want leftovers for breakfast.

I use the prepared tandoori chicken at Costco (it comes in a 3 pack- I use 2) and I put that chicken in the crockpot along with 2 cups of broth- chicken, veg, it doesn't matter.  Cook until the chicken is very tender (about 3 hours, on high).  After 3 hours, add a bag of frozen peas (12-16 oz) and 1 cup of yogurt, and 2 cups of cooked rice with cumin (see below).  Let mixture heat up.  Serve when piping hot into waffles bowls made with the curry waffle mix.  You will actually be able to pick up the waffle bowls and eat this like a taco, once you eat some of the filling out.  It's a delicious meal!