What to do with Tomato Guts

So you've hollowed out 8 or 10 or 12 tomatoes so you can bake eggs in the tomatoes. What now?  Scoop those tomato guts in to the crockpot, throw in your favorite pasta sauce (I used a basil sauce- from Mezzetta) and turn the crockpot on low.  Add a can or tray (if you are using refrigerated and grilled, as I was) artichoke hearts- I added 2 cups.  Add some kalamata olives (I added 1/2 cup).  Add extra spices.  We like oregano around here, so I added 1/4 cup of dry leaves.  If I'd had fresh, I would have added less, since it's stronger.  All this should be "to taste"- make it the way you want.  Cook the sauce all day on low- and then in the evening, serve it over anything.  I serve it over veggies for my husband, since he is reducing his carbs.  It was lovely over sauteed bell peppers and Italian squash.