Potato Tip!

Organic potatoes are back at my local Costco...in 10 pound bags.  Now we all know what happens to those- you use a few, and the rest go green (and unless you want to eat neurotoxins, do NOT eat green potatoes.)


Obviously quantity matters.

Of course I could buy smaller batches of potatoes, but the Costco bags are such a deal!  So, bake all the potatoes at once.  400 degrees- just stuff them all in there, and cook until you can insert a fork in them.  Then, cool them completely.  Next, wrap each spud individually in plastic wrap, and stack them in your fridge.  We have found the following uses for them-
breakfast spuds- serve topped with scrambled egg, cheese, and chili, or egg, cheese, and hot sauce.
Sloppy Joe spud- use a potato instead of a bun
Chili spud- top spud with chili and cheese and microwave (I take these to work with me, and microwave for lunch)
Chop the potatoes up and add to a breakfast scramble (I use Italian sausage, eggs, tomatoes and spuds- cheese on top, as garnish)
Chop the potatoes up and add to soup or stew
Top the spud with tuna salad and cheese, and make a potato tuna melt (microwave until cheese melts)
And of course, you can serve them as baked potatoes :-)