Best Cinnamon bread (so far)

I've tried out several bread recipes this week, and this is by far my favorite.  I did swap out the white sugar for brown- same amount, and I never use margarine, only butter.  I think next time I might add a tablespoon of nonfat milk powder, just to see what happens, and my husband has asked me to up the cinnamon.

The recipe said to do it on the sweet bread setting but I did mine on basic (1) and it turned out fine.  I felt this one beat a much more complex recipe that used Lyle's Golden Syrup and Malt Barley sryup.  The recipe also said to put everything but the raisins in at first, and then to add the raisins after mixing or on the add in beep.  The bread is light and fluffy and toasts up wonderfully well. Enjoy!