EASY fabulous white bread for your Breadmaker

After trying numerous white bread recipes- this is my favorite- and it's my own little mashup of the best bits of all the other recipes:

3 C flour
2 flat teaspoons yeast (I buy the giant, intimidating but cheap, brick from Costco, of active dry yeast)
1/8 C oil (I use Safflower)
1/8 C melted cooled butter
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 C warm (not hot!!!!) water (this water should feel mildly warm on the inside of your wrist)
3 Tbs sugar

Put all ingredients in bread maker for 2 lb loaf, select normal setting.  That's it!

If the top craters- you've got too much yeast action.  With some of the other recipes I got off the net, this happened to me.  So I reduced the water (to 1 C) and upped the salt (to 1 1/2 tsp).  I get a lovely, perfect loaf every time.  But if with this recipe, or any other, you get the dreaded "crater top loaf"- just know that you can lower the liquid or up the salt to stop that.  Salt retards yeast action- so that's a nice way to adjust your yeast growth.  Orange or lemon peel is a nice addition to this.  Pepper, seeds, poppy seeds, curry powder, and other spices, can also be added.  It's a fun, simple recipe to play with- and you can add spices to your bread that make a sandwich more special.  Chicken curry salad on a bread with a little curry in it is fabulous!  Or put a little dried dill in the bread, and serve a tuna sandwich on it!  So good!!! And so easy.