Best Bread Machine

I love this machine.  It's one of my favorite helpers around the house.  Put the mix in, or your own ingredients (see my easy white bread recipe) and you've got wonderful, better than store bought, bread in 3 hours.  There's a quick cycle, but I don't use it, since I don't like it as well.  I prefer the crust and grain of the loaf with the full cycle- and so far we haven't run into any bread emergencies that wouldn't wait a few hours.

The machine is easy to use (to tell the truth, I only use about 6 of the settings regularly).  And most of the time I just use the 1st setting- basic.  I can program it- but I usually don't.  95% of the time I just put the ingredients in, and start it.  Sometimes I bake the bread while I'm awake, and sometimes I just let it work overnight.  It's always great.

I love being able to make delicious bread for pennies a loaf without all the garbage store bought breads have in them.  I've used all kinds of mixes, and flours, and they've all worked great.  Our favorite mixes have been from King Arthur (brioche), Hodgson's Mill  (European cheese and herb bread), and Bob's Red Mill (the rye!)

If you don't have a breadmaker yet- this one is cheap, reliable, easy to use, and lots of fun.  Start baking today!