Delicious Bacon Soup

You will need-
Bob's Red Mill Soup veggie mix (or some similar bean and lentil mix)- 13 Bean is pictured
32 oz veggie broth or chicken broth
16 oz turkey or chicken gravy (I use Imagine brand- organic)
16 oz pearl onions (or other onions, if you prefer)
1/8 cup dehydrated onions
16 oz wild mushrooms  (I use a frozen mushroom medley)
16oz bacon (I use uncured bacon ends from Trader Joes)
optional- pan drippings from roasted chicken

Bacon- sliced up- I freeze mine for a short time, makes the fat easier to slice:

Rinse beans and lentils for soup mix.
I use 2 cups of soup mix, and 8 cups of water (or 32 oz boxes of broth x 2),1/8 cup dried onions, and pan drippings and simmer these for an hour.
Next, add pearl onions, gravy, and minced, sliced or cubed bacon.  Cook until bacon is done.
Add mushrooms- until hot.
Serve and enjoy!!!  Below- pictures of the beans cooking in veggie broth, and pictures of some of the additions.