1 Million Ways to Use Candied Citron

I apologize for the hyberbole- I probably don't have a million ways to use it, but I've got a few good ones for you (unless you've thought of them yourself.)

Our local supermarket had obviously overbought the citron, so they had it for 25 cents a container (hard to resist, right?)  So of course, I baked the sweet bread recipe that came with the citron:

And it's a very good cake!  So make that.  But if you're like me, with 8 packages of citron, you'll need another way to use it. 

Mix with peanut butter in peanut butter sandwiches!

Mix with cream cheese- put on crackers (or anything)

Cut the top rind off a brie wheel, leaving a rim of rind- broil until soft, sprinkle with citron
Make a cheese compote- mine was 8 oz raisins, 8 oz citron, 8 oz apricots and 4 oz dried cherries- I used 1 cup late harvest riesling, cooked with 1/2 cup of sugar, 1 tsp vanilla, I cooked the wine with the sugar and vanilla until the vanilla was absorbed, then I added the fruit.  I cooked it about 25 minutes, on low, then I took out the fruit and simmered the liquid until it was the consistency of syrup.  I added it back to the fruit- and used it over cheese (chopped walnuts make a nice addition to this- add after cooking)

Add to pancakes.

Add to waffles.

Add to chocolate chip cookies.

Add to oatmeal cookies.

Bake in to muffins or gingerbread:
 I used this mix- and added raisins AND citron, and it was wonderful:
 The citron:
So is citron the new bacon?  Can you add it to anything?  Probably not- bacon is still the most awesome thing ever, but citron is pretty fun to work with.