Delicious Baked Tomatoes and Eggs! Easy! Fast!

Preheat oven to 375   
 Start with large beefsteak tomatoes.  I buy them by the flat at Costco.  Hollow them out (and throw the innards in a crockpot- I've got a recipe for them, that follows this).  After you've hollowed them all out, and put them upside down on a clean paper towel, get out some slices of Canadian bacon, bacon crumbles, or ham.  Put the meat in the very bottom of the tomato.  It should be small, and thin, and just cover the bottom of the tomato.  After you've put the ham in, put the tomato in a baker large enough to accommodate all the tomatoes in an upright position.
     Next, crack an egg and put it in the tomato.  Remember, hit your eggs on the counter or a flat surface, if you use a knife you're more likely to get eggshells in things.  Your egg needs a blunt trauma- if I may borrow some CSI terminology.
     Shake on some pepper and salt, to taste- I also add a pinch of oregano.  Now, you top the egg with cheese.  I usually use Parmesan, but cheddar and shaved Manchego work equally well.
     Bake until they are done to your liking.  We enjoy firm eggs- so it takes around 30 minutes.  I use a knife to test them- when there is no egg liquid on the knife, when I stick it from the top into the cheese and egg, I know they are done.
     Here is what they look like:

In that last picture you can see what's inside the finished product.  These are super tasty, and reheat well, and they are a snap to make.  I can make them on a school morning- as long as I get up early enough for the baking time. I think it takes under 10 minutes to get 8 of them ready to pop in the oven.