Cool Wine Gadget

So I was tempted by evil Groupon, to buy a refurbished wine chiller.  It was so cheap!  More than 75% off retail- how could I resist?

This is the waring pro.  Some people think it makes too much noise- I don't.  I can barely here it, and it's only on constantly while it brings your wine to temperature.  Now don't think you'll be able to speed chill a champagne in this.  It's a more nuanced appliance than that.  This takes your wine to its perfect temperature for serving.  You should prechill anything that needs to be really cold, and then your Waring pro will either chill it more, or warm it up a little, to bring the wine to its optimal temperature.  Does optimal temp matter?  More to some than to others, I would think.  But if it matters to you, or you just want to see if it matters to you, or you merely like gadgets to play with, this might be something you'd enjoy.  We definitely enjoyed it.