The newest toy in my kitchen is the Zojirushi hot water boiler:

I just love this machine.  I also love my Zojirushi rice maker, and my Ms. Bento- so I knew I'd love the quality, but what I didn't realize was just how often I was using water from the microwave.  With 5 adults around our house, always using the kitchen, it's great to have hot water really fast to make my tea for work, make oatmeal, and even jump start dinner!  Last night when I was making bell peppers stuffed with beef and farro, I realized I needed to cook the farro!  I used some of the hot water from my pot- which is kept near boiling, and my water boiled immediately, and my farro (the quick cook kind, from Trader Joes) was done in a snap!  And thus I could have dinner on the table at the time we needed it there- and not 1/2 hour later.

In the mornings I am always rushed making my tea- and sometimes I just give up.  But with the water boiler 4 cups of hot water is a snap- and since the thing holds 4 liters (roughly 16 cups)- there's enough for everyone's thermos!  I also happen to love the cheerful tune this little guy sings when the water is ready.  My rice cooker is also tuneful- though luckily they sing different tunes.

Let me also mention the fact that there are 3 heat settings- perfect for different kinds of tea.  You can have your water exactly the temperature you need it for green, black or white tea.  That's a really great feature- since teas can be fussy, and I am not going to hang around with a thermometer to figure out what temp my water is.  I just guess, and hope for the best when using the microwave- which results in a lot of overcooked tea.

Obviously, if you only need a cup or two of water a day, this device is not for you.  But if you're like me, and you feel like you're using hot water all day long, and you really are, this is fabulous.