Tea Infused Cooking

I admit it, this is partly an excuse to get rid of too much tea (how did I think I was going to drink all those boxes of amazing tea fast enough?).  But it's also a way to get amazing flavor in to just about anything that has liquid added to it.  For my chocolate mint cookies (for example), I'm now using mint tea infused water.  When I make curry in the crockpot, I'm infusing the chicken stock infused with chai!  It's so good.  You really must try it!  For my scones, I'm infusing milk with all sorts of flavors.  My lemon scones I mixed with earl gray infusion.  My orange scones I infused with an orange tea.  I used Chai with a spice scone.  And I used my rose tea with some plain scones, which I then sugared with rose sugar.  Yummy.

You can do this tea trick with everything from desserts to gratins.  Don't be shy about experimenting and blend the teas!  I found when I visited a restaurant up North, they blended 3 Choice Organic teas for an amazing drink!  So I've started blending teas together.  First I try them myself, in a teacup, to see if I like the paired flavors, and then I start using them in food.  Please let me know if you find some amazing taste combination!