Domo Bento

This isn't my best Domo ever, but I had a picture of it, so here it is.  My daughter took this to school last week.  If you don't know Domo, you can google him.  Domo is everywhere!  In this case on a bed of peas- with carrot flowers (white and orange).  Domo is made of sushi rice infused with beet juice (you can't taste the beet flavor- it's just enough to color the rice.  I literally take one of the small packets of organic beets you find in the refrigerated section (you can get them in a multipack at Costco or in a single at Trader Joes) and add the juice from one packet to the rice (and then I cut the beets up and use them for bentos too!).  Domo's mouth and eyes are nori (used a hole punch for the eyes- I have one I use only for food), and I cut the teeth with a small knife- which is why Domo looks like he does not brush and floss.  Domo is easy to shape with your hands- he's just a rectangle body, and 2 cylinder arms.