So it's been a while since I've been here.  I had a tough schedule this year, and somehow, even though we were eating, I just never seemed to get the pictures taken of things, except for a couple of times, which I'll share later.

But maybe this summer will be different.  Maybe.  I'm going to try to make it different.  I've been cooking nonstop since the last day of school.  A few days ago I made Beef Bourguignon, using Jardines sauce- and potatoes and carrots.  I cooked it for about 14 hours, and it was luscious. Then, out of sheer laziness, I didn't even wash the crockpot- I just put what little was left of the Bourguignon in the fridge, and tosses in another large roast (and didn't even brown it!) and some Jardines Cowboy Kettle Chilli mix (in the jar), and a large jar of stewed tomatoes, and about 2 cups of water.  Then I let that chilli and meat cook on high all night, and turned it on low in the morning, after adding 2 cans of kidney beans, and let it cook on low until lunch.  It was excellent.

Tonight I am making pasta salad, with feta, olives (black, and kalamata), hearts of palm, green onions,  and Italian dressing.

Who knows what I'll do tomorrow?

Maybe I'll make these!  You can get the cutters on Amazon.  My students think these cookies are really fun.  I make them out of gingerbread.