Rancho Gordo Christmas Limas

I picked up some Rancho Gordo Christmas limas, and wanted to cook them, so I came up with this recipe:

  (a little something I call, let's throw a bit of the fridge and the pantry in our stockpot)-
I soaked them for 7 hours- be sure to keep them covered with water, but not more than just covered. Then I sauteed onions in a large saucepan (2 chopped maui onions) in a mix of bacon fat, olive oil and coconut oil, then I added Trader Joe's flower pepper (a blend of pepper and flour petals- like lavender and rose), some Garlic Gold granules, some balsamic vinegar salt, and then I added 2 large ribs of celery, sliced- but the skillet was already off, then I added that mixture to a large stockpot that I could put in the oven and dumped in the beans with their soaking water, some chicken broth, some good cabernet (about a cup), several small chopped pork breakfast sausages, 1/4 cup of diced bacon, and a small container of cream of celery soup (Pacific Natural Foods Organic cream of Celery).  Then bake it at 350- for a few hours, until it all blends perfectly.

It smells really really good. I think you could do these with any type of dried beans.